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Darlene McDow

Executive General Adjuster


Darlene has been with McLarens for more than 10 years, previously working at Factory Mutual Insurance Company for over six years. During her career in the insurance industry, both domestic and international underwriters have selected Darlene to manage their claims portfolios. Manufacturing companies, commercial real estate locations, and food service accounts have all named Darlene and McLarens in their policies because of their satisfaction with Darlene’s work product. Darlene has also been utilized by both London and domestic carriers to handle their commercial property claims.

Darlene’s experience with handling CAT claims is extensive, having been involved with losses stemming from Hurricanes Alex, Floyd, Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Ike, Gustav, and Ida. She also was previously in charge of handling winter freeze claims across seven different states in 23 different locations.

Darlene currently handles all claims for a client with over 4,000 locations across seven states, in addition to handling claims for the largest apartment home company in the state of Alabama.


Commercial Real Estate ($28 Million) – Storms
Large Manufacturer ($5.8 Million) – Fire
Food Processing Center ($4 Million) – Hail
Commercial Shipyard ($3 Million) – Hurricane
Healthcare Hospital ($50 Million) – Hurricane
Real Estate Holdings ($7 Million) – Fire

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Industry Certification

Associate in Claims (AIC)


Dekalb College, Georgia State University

Additional Expertise

Food Services, Restaurants, University Research

Adjuster Experience

38 years 1986

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