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Specialist Loss Adjuster

David Austin

Specialist Loss Adjuster


David Austin commenced his career as a loss adjuster in 1995, working for Thomas Howell Group. As an expert in Construction & Engineering and Property, David has handled various claims up to 45 Million USD.

He received his Bachelors of Technology degree in Building Surveying, is a member of the Australian Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, and received a New Zealand earthquake certification.

David joined McLarens in 2017 as a specialist loss adjuster.


  • Global Construction Company: Failure of port sea wall (AUD 45 Million)
  • Commercial Builder: Construction Fire (AUD 4 Million)
  • Tier 1 Builder: Failed retention wall (AUD 8 Million)
  • Manufacturing Plant: Damage to chipping machine (AUD 5 Million)
  • Civil Contractor: Storm damage to road works (AUD 2 Million)
  • Piepeline Project: Damage to gas pipeline (AUD 2 Million)
  • Civil Contractor: Cyclone damage to pipeline/infrastructure (AUD 5 Million)
  • Renewable Energy: Damage to pilot power generator (AUD 2 Million)
  • Pipeline Project: Damage to water pipeline (AUD 15 Million)



Office Address / Contact Information

Level 8, Suite 801
45 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Local Time:
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Industry Certification

AICLA, CIP, ANZIIF (Aff), New Zealand Earthquake Certification


Bachelors of Technology - Building Surveying

Additional Expertise

Construction Liability, Heavy Plant, Machinery Breakdown

Adjuster Experience

29 years 1995