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Regional Manager - Non Marine

David Liu - 刘军

Regional Manager - Non Marine


Following his graduation from Shandong Engineering College in 1995 with a degree in electrical engineering, David served in the engineering / equipment department of a local electrical factory for 8 years. During this period, he was responsible for the testing, adjustment and maintenance of equipment in the factory and is therefore very familiar with various types of electrical equipment, particularly equipment relating to the manufacture of semi-conductors.

In 2006, he joined a well-known local adjusting company where he was trained as a non-marine adjuster. In the following two years he dealt with multiple claims of various types and became familiar with insurance policies and the handling of claims of a technical nature.

With his background in electrical equipment, David has strong experience in the handling of MB claims. He also has extensive experience in dealing with fire claims along with associated business interruption losses.

David joined McLarens in June 2008. In March 2010 he was promoted to be Assistant Manager of Non Marine claims at the Suzhou Service Centre, responsible for the handling of non-marine claims and general operations of the team. In 2015, David was promoted to be Manager of the Suzhou Office and is a CIRC Licensed Adjuster.


  • PU factory in Wenzhou – Fire (RMB 4.5 Million) (PAR)
  • Warehouse in Guangzhou – Fire claim (RMB 3.4 Million) (PAR)
  • Hotel’s refrigerating engine – Machinery breakdown (RMB 200 K)
  • Hitachi crawler crane – Machinery breakdown (RMB 2.4 Million)
  • Warehouse stock damage – Snow loading (RMB 5.6 Million) (PAR)
  • Electric appliance factory – Business interruption (RMB 1.25 Million)
  • Hydraulic parts factory – Fire and Business Interruption (PAR policy RMB 2.8 Million and BI policy RMB 4.8 Million)
  • Petrochemical plant – Machinery breakdown and erection all risk (RMB 16 Million)
  • Cement factory – Machinery breakdown (RMB 2.8 Million)
  • Golf club factory – Business interruption (RMB 1 Million)
  • Car manufacturer in Shanghai – Machinery breakdown (RMB 1.7 Million)
  • Electronics factory – Major fire and business interruption (RMB 15 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Room 717, West Block, Building A, Fanhua Center,
4555 Renmin Road, Xiangcheng District,
Suzhou 215131, China
中国苏州市相城区人民路4555号繁花中心A楼西座717室,邮编 215131
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Industry Certification

BSc; CIRC Licensed Adjuster


Additional Expertise

Liability, Business Interruption, Machinery, Body Injury

Adjuster Experience

17 years 2007

Language Skills

Mandarin, English