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Regional General Adjuster

Derek Parrish

Regional General Adjuster


Derek began his career in the insurance industry in 2010 as a catastrophic adjuster with Travelers. He gained valuable experience traveling across the country and handling claims from extreme weather events, as well as backing up local offices.

After 8 years with Travelers, Derek took an opportunity with Nationwide Insurance to be a CAT Claims Specialist, where he continued to hone his adjuster skills handling losses to commercial, residential, and farm structures.

Derek joined McLarens in 2023 to continue his career and went from handling claims for homeowners to commercial buildings with multiple locations along with public entities with many locations. Derek is continually focused on providing excellent customer service and has been recognized for this commitment in the past.


  • Housing Association (100 buildings) – Hail (USD $1.5 Million)
  • College Buildings – Hail (USD $800K)
  • Oklahoma City Tornado Losses
  • California Wildfires Losses

Office Address / Contact Information

10961 Countryway Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33626
United States
Local Time:
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Xacitmate 2 certified, suas pilot

Additional Expertise

Commercial building estimating and damage evaluations, Multiple location losses

Adjuster Experience

14 years 2010