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Loss Adjuster / General Engineer

François Guély

Loss Adjuster / General Engineer


François holds a degree in General Engineering in the fields of industrial production, with a specialisation in Materials Engineering, issued by the National School of Engineers at Tarbes.

Francois began his career as Production Engineer in the automotive industry at GENERAL MOTORS in STRASBOURG. Francois quickly evolved into Project Engineer, in particular for an international project involving the United States and many European countries, for which he was responsible for the design and implementation of twelve assembly lines and automatic gear box testing.

After five years, Francois joined SCI, an American company, former subsidiary of HEWLET PACKARD, specialising in the manufacture of electronic cards, in which he held the position of maintenance manager.

After three years in this position, he worked for ten years as a plant manager for CMI, CGMI and CM2I, subcontractors of CATERPILLAR in Grenoble. During this period, he managed up to 160 people and handled assembling and painting workshops for sub-assemblies of construction machines.

Between 2010 and 2013, François led the company DEKOGLASS in MONTPELIER, specialists in food packaging decoration.

In 2014, Francois joined CIBLEXPERTS as expert in industrial risks, heating and air-conditioning networks and the nautical industry.


  • Industrial refrigeration: Cheese production (11 M €)
  • Boating: Engine failures, poor workmanship (500 K €)
  • Energy production: Generator (1.5 M €)
  • Automotive: Defective parts (500 K €)
  • Industrial vehicles: Design failure (€ 1 million)
  • District heating networks: breakdowns, corrosion (300 K €)
  • District heating networks: Heat pump (800 K €)
  • Photovoltaic power plants: Defective performance (€ 1.5m)
  • Photovoltaic power station: Fire (300 K €)
  • Energy production: Heat pump (500 k €)
  • Maritime (sailing): Shipwreck (800 k €)
  • Solar heating: Defective performance (300 k €)

Office Address / Contact Information

49 Rue de Paris
CS 30054
92586 Clichy Cedex
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Industrial Production and Materials Engineer

Additional Expertise

Industrial business, Industrial refrigeration, Heating / Air Conditioning, Automotive industry, Nautical industry, Heating networks, Photovoltaic power plants, Hydroelectric power stations, Utility vehicles, Heavy Goods vehicles, Cogeneration, Fire, Electricity, Rotating Machinery, Construction

Adjuster Experience

10 years 2014