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Senior Loss Adjuster – Japan

Futoshi Suezawa

Senior Loss Adjuster – Japan


In 1985, Futoshi graduated from Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine with a degree in mercantile marine service. Upon graduation, he joined the biggest local survey & adjusting firm in Japan where he started his career in the industry as a surveyor, where he gained industry experience in various areas, including cargo, hull & machinery, dangerous goods and bulk chemicals.

Some of his years at the firm was spent on a secondment in the UK acting as an international civil servant on government assignment. He worked as a Secretariat for three year at IMO, International Maritime Organization, an agency of the United Nations, where he was involved in the organizing of international conventions, reporting to UN’s member nations and related intergovernmental bodies.

Futoshi joined the Japan branch of the world’s largest international loss adjusting firm in 2005, where he gained further industry experience as a loss adjuster, specializing in product liability, product recall, EAR, CAR, CAT and property. Over the last 15 years, Futoshi took part in the response of a number of Japanese catastrophe events, including the East Japan Great Earthquake of 2011, where he was appointed to handle claims for a great variety of property and stocks, including chemical plants, shopping malls, car factories, warehouses, airport facility, theaters and office buildings.

Futoshi also took part in the 2012 Thai Flood CAT response as an expat, where he was appointed by Japanese insurers. In 2017, he assumed the role of Country Manager of the Japan Branch, while continuing to expand his expertise as a senior loss adjuster.

In 2020, Futoshi became a Senior Adjuster at McLarens Tokyo.


  • Medical equipment manufacturer, stock damage caused by typhoon storm surge (USD 4.3 Million)
  • Refinery factory, fire damage to lubrication plant (USD 93 Million)
  • Thermal power plant in Saudi Arabia, property damage and product liability of pipe lines & mechanical failures (USD 12 Million)
  • Auto parts manufacturer, product recall loss of passenger vehicles (USD 47 Million)
  • Construction and engineering company, EAR / DIC involving thermal power plant in Vietnam (USD 3 Million)
  • Auto parts manufacturer, product recall loss of passenger vehicles (USD 47 Million)
  • Refinery plant, property and stock damage to propylene production lines (USD 8.8 Million)
  • Pigment production factory, property damage incurring out of East Japan Great EQ (USD 20 Million)
  • Vehicle production factory, property damage incurring out of East Japan Great EQ (USD 5 Million)
  • Chemical coating manufacturer, product liability to ocean sea optical fiber cables (USD 9.3 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Burex Kyobashi, 2-7-14 Kyobashi Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan
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Industry Certification

Corrosion control engineer certification in Japan, Packaging consultant certification in Japan, ANZIIF Senior Associate CIP


Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine, Bachelor degree in Mercantile Marine Service, Main subject majored, Mercantile Marine Service including on board training courses of navigation and engineering

Additional Expertise

Contamination of various commodity, including food product, beverage, drug medicine as well as raw material in bulk for industrial use, product recall for vehicles related to defective automobile parts mounted thereof.

Adjuster Experience

39 years 1985