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General Manager - Corporate Affairs & Communications

Gautam Acharyya

General Manager - Corporate Affairs & Communications


Gautam Acharyya began his career as an apprentice surveyor in 1990 at a British surveying firm in Kolkata. He is primarily a marine surveyor with expertise in international marine transit and bulk cargo claims and has spent a large amount of time as a retainer surveyor for many blue-chip industry houses.

Gautam also has experience in managing property, stock loss and commercial liability claims and is an experienced in handling CAT property losses. He is qualified in the disciplines of commerce, general insurance and business management. He has over 30 years of experience in general insurance, survey and loss adjusting in India and Africa, where he served as the Country Head of Africa Loss Assessors (ALA) in Tanzania. During his career, Gautam also held a Regional Claims Manager (Commercial) role at a general insurance company.

Gautam is an ardent trainer and provides seminars and classes to aspiring surveyors and insurance professionals. He has also been nominated as the Training Officer in McLarens India. Gautam is a Life Member of the Insurance Institute of India and is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors. Additionally, Gautam holds an AIII (Associate Insurance Institute of India) industry designation.


  • Stock loss due to fire, Jute Mill – US 5 Million
  • CAT loss, Cyclone Hudud, Wardah, Fani, Amphan, Tauktae
  • Hail storm damage, Tea estates – US 10 Million
  • Elephant damage losses, Plantations – US 1 Million
  • Loss of turbine, Marine transit – US 5 Million
  • Subterranean fire, Coal field – US 9 Million
  • Infidelity loss – US 2 Million
  • Bankers indemnity, Misappropriation losses – US 10 Million
  • Event cancellation, Cancellation of cricket match due to bad weather – US 11 Million
  • Entertainment – Accidental damage to camera and sets, film – US 9 Million

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM), Insurance Institute of India, Associate

Additional Expertise

Cargo loss minimization - discharge supervision of bulk oil, dry chemicals, project materials and container inspection.

Adjuster Experience

34 years 1990