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Loss Adjuster

George Liu - 刘智渊

Loss Adjuster


George graduated from Sichuan University in 2013 with a bachelors degree in material forming and engineering control. After graduation, George joined an international Loss Adjusting company, based in Sichuan, as a Loss Adjuster. George assisted in many major claims, including ‘Typhoon Buffet’ and major landslide cases in Sichuan.

George joined McLarens in November 2015 as a Loss Adjuster in the Non-Marine department.


  • Toy Factory: Rainstorm (USD 1.5 Million adjusted to USD 587 K)
  • Highway Blasting-Induced damage (USD 734 K adjusted to USD 294 K)
  • Logistics Warehouse: Container Collapse (USD 148 K adjusted to USD 117 K)
  • Building Machine: Water Damage (RMB 2 Million adjusted to USD 132 K)
  • Restaurants: Rainstorm (USD 147 K)
  • Restaurants: Cold Waves (USD 294 K adjusted to USD 73 K)
  • Parade: Property Damage & Loss of Profit (USD 294 K adjusted to USD 73 K)
  • Warehouse: Typhoon “Meranti” (USD 1 Million adjusted to USD 323 K)
  • Restaurants: Typhoon “Meranti” (USD 294 K adjusted to USD 117 K)
  • Stainless Steel Plant: Fire (RMB 30 Million adjusted to USD 954 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Unit 1301B, 13/F, Mayland Building
No 667, Huacheng Avenue, Guangzhou 510627
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Sichuan University - Bachelors of Engineering, Material Forming and Engineering Control


Additional Expertise


Adjuster Experience

11 years 2013

Language Skills

Mandarin, English