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Loss Adjuster

Gerwin Vos

Loss Adjuster


Gerwin started his career at a law firm. After two years he switched and started at Vanderwal & Joosten, mainly handling liability claims. He also worked for an agricultural business/farm on a part-time basis. His experience has proved useful for handling claims with an agricultural aspect. Besides handling liability claims, he also handles property claims.

Office Address / Contact Information

McLarens BV
Rotterdam Office
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 90
3062 MB Rotterdam
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Industry Certification

ZLTO - Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie


Tilburg University - Bachelor of Laws LL.B, Tilburg University - Master of Laws LL.M cum laude

Additional Expertise

General Third Party Liability

Adjuster Experience

7 years 2017