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Gowtham V.



Gowtham has joined insurance industry in year 2016. He has handled various claims across Property, Marine, & Engineering claims during his 7 years of experience as a Loss Adjuster. He also has experienced in handling catastrophic losses including flood claims in Chennai floods, Kerala Floods 2018, 2019, Vardhan Cyclone, Gajah Cyclone, Purvey cyclone, Nivar Cyclone.


  • Association with major claim of Vardha cyclone of TCS IT part due to storm (USD 160 Million)
  • Associated with major value claims, loss to stock of Car – Steering & Seat belts items due to Inundation (SFSP) (USD 8 Million)
  • Loss of Stocks of Garments items due to fire at Retails complex SFSP policy (USD 80 Million)
  • Loss to collapse of Powerplant structures at Chennai Enmore power plant due to storm (CAR) (USD 80 Million)
  • Loss of Cashew nuts, Coal, various commodities in Transit claims including Sea, Road & Air transits
  • Have involved various Windmill claims (Operational Phase) & Solar plant claims in Southern parts of Tamil Nadu
  • Loss to project due to floods in Chennai (CAR) (USD 6 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

McLarens Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors India Pvt Ltd.
No.10, Reg. Office, Damu Nager,
Puliyakulam, Coimbatore – 641 045
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Industry Certification

Holding Surveyor/Loss Adjuster License for the department of Fire, Engineering, Marine, Miscellaneous, Holding LIII in India Institute of India.


Bachelor of Engineering (CIVIL) from SBM College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu


Additional Expertise

Marine Cargo, Plant & Machinery, Project/Engineering