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Country Manager - Argentina and Senior Loss Adjuster

Guillermo Sparks

Country Manager - Argentina and Senior Loss Adjuster


Guillermo has worked extensively throughout South America handling claims. He has worked as an adjuster for over 25 years.

His career as an adjuster began in Argentina working for the local insurance market, but also for the INDER (Reinsurance National Institute). The area where he initially developed his experience was cargo in transit, including marine and aviation.

Later on, given various changes in the insurance market, Guillermo gained additional experience in other areas, involving adjustment of claims and working directly with Reinsurers and brokers.

Throughout his professional career, Guillermo has developed significant experience handling general liability and product recall, cash in transit, jewellery manufacturers, and financial institutions claims.

He is a member of the International Institute of Loss Adjusters and is a registered loss adjuster in Argentina by the Superintendencia de Seguaros de la Nacion.


  • Chocolate manufacturer: Quality defect (USD 1 Million)
  • Valves manufacturer. Damage to engines (USD 300 K)
  • Steel tubes manufacturer: Defect in Product (USD 500 K)
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer: Defective product caused injuries (USD 200 K)
  • Mattress manufacturer: Quality defect (USD 300 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Avenida Alvarez Thomas 1131
7º Floor "A"
(C1427CCE) Buenos Aires
Local Time:
Local Date:

Industry Certification

Registered loss adjuster in Argentina by the Superintendencia de Seguaros de la Nacion


University of Buenos Aires - Economics, National School of Commerce

Additional Expertise

Contingency, Jeweller’s Block, Liability, Product Recall, Transit / Cargo

Adjuster Experience

36 years 1988

Language Skills

English, Portuguese, Spanish