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Loss Adjuster

Hasnain Nanjee

Loss Adjuster


Hasnain joined the company in 1978 and has been involved in losses pertaining to fire, theft, marine, machinery breakdown and industrial losses. He has been heavily involved in losses to the power sector covering both property damage and business interruption claims.

In addition to the above, Hasnain has experience in handling bulk cargo and has attended to and monitored various unloading and loading activities on vessels and at shore.

Hasnain has conducted risk inspection of various industries including that of a polyester filament yarn, glass and power plants. He has attended various seminars and conferences and has been a speaker at seminars in Pakistan and Malaysia.


  • Fire Loss at Oil Lubrication Manufacturing Facility (Approx USD 5.2 Million)
  • EAR Loss at a Chemical Plant due to fire (Approx USD 9.7 Million)
  • Fire Loss to stock at a Chemical Plant (Approx 6.6 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption Loss at a Power Plant (Approx USD 1.7 Million)
  • Flood loss at Power Plant (Approx USD 1 Million)
  • On shore blow out of oil wells
  • Breakdown of Generator transformer, and its associated BI Losses
  • Breakdown of Generator due to arcing, and its associated BI Losses
  • Various losses of machinery breakdown at various industries including captive power plants
  • Various losses of machinery breakdown at power plants (IPPs)
  • Handling and overseeing of Marine losses

Office Address / Contact Information

301-303, 3rd Floor, Commerce Centre
Hasrat Mohani Road
Karachi- 74000
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Industry Certification

Licesned Loss Adjuster by The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Karachi Insurance Institute - Member

Additional Expertise

Valuation of assets

Adjuster Experience

46 years 1978