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Executive General Adjuster - Head of Operations

Hervé Huet

Executive General Adjuster - Head of Operations


Hervé is a general engineer specialized in engines and industrial process.

Before becoming an adjuster, he worked for ten years in the truck and semi-trailers industry.

In 2002, Hervé joined Garreau Boussu, a firm of adjusters, then founded the firm Ciblexperts with Marc Bontemps and Thierry Rostan in 2006.


  • Collapse of a harbor crane (30 M€)
  • City gas explosion in Paris (60 M€)
  • Industrial process fan breakage in the metallurgical industry (20 M€)
  • Broken metro station fans (1 M€)
  • Breakage and malfunction of a refrigeration production unit 10 MW (5 M€)
  • Generalized drill holes on cold water / hot water pipes co-ownership in Monaco (100 M€)
  • Drill holes industrial process exchangers in the microelectronics industry (4 M€)
  • Fire on a 4MW heat pump for urban heating network (2 M€)
  • Breakage of a cold production unit of plastic bottle factory in Martinique (1 M€)
  • Breakage of boat reduction gearbox in Reunion (1,5 M€)
  • Premature wear of boat engines (2 M€)
  • Management of serial claims relating to hydraulic motors malfunction for construction machinery (3 M€)
  • Numerous heating / air conditioning / ventilation claims for hotel resorts (between 200 k€ and 1 M€)
  • Fire of low voltage main distribution panel in high-rise building (5 M€)

Office Address / Contact Information

Le Park Palace AAACS25 avenue La Costa
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Industrial Machinery and Process Engineer

Additional Expertise

Engines, Industrial Process, Boats Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning, Electricity, Data Processing / Industrial Automatism, Construction Machinery / Cranes, Renewable Energies (wind turbines, photovoltaic)

Adjuster Experience

22 years 2002