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Senior Adjuster

Imad Hussain

Senior Adjuster


Imad joined McLarens in 2022 as an adjuster, having previously been the lead project manager for a small, Independant contractor. As a team member for the contractor, Imad worked his way up from a general laborer to project manager before departing. He gained an extensive knowledge of building structures and construction during his time at the contractor, as well as the importance of providing a great work product with exceptional customer service.

With McLarens Imad continues to be able to use this knowledge to hone his skillset as an adjuster and excel in the field. As a licensed adjuster, Imad started out adjusting basic residential claims before working his way up to large-scale commercial losses. Imad quickly advanced to the title of Senior Adjuster within his first year.

Imad appreciates that the insurance adjusting field has an infinite amount of knowledge to offer and that every day is a new experience. He looks forward to his career with McLarens as an independent adjuster, providing excellent service while focusing on client satisfaction.


  • Metropolitan Catholic Dioscese: Catastrophic Freeze (USD $1.5 Million)
  • NYC Condo High Rise: Water Loss (USD $328K)
  • NY Private Residence: Fire (USD $373K)
  • Auto Mechanic Garage chain location: Hurricane Ida (USD $850K)
  • Storage Facility chain locations: Hurrican Ida (USD $1.1 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

420 Lexington Avenue
Suite 300
New York, NY 10170
United States
Local Time:
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Industry Certification

New York Licensed General Adjuster, Florida Licensed General Adjuster, Rhode Island Licensed General Adjuster, New Hampshire Licensed General Adjuster, Vermont Licensed General Adjuster, Connecticut Licensed General Adjuster

Adjuster Experience

2 years 2022