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Irene Meyers

Inventory Specialist


Irene is a prior retail sales associate with 3 years experience in upscale retail sales who has always met customer satisfaction. She has great scheduling, prepping, restoring, customer service and communication skills. Irene conducted inventory preparation, merchandising, product research and point of sale. She has a deep devotion to follow company standards and procedures, and achieving personal and business related goals. She also has professional technology/computer based skills. In 2019 she worked for Deer Run Farm as a caterer/hostess. From 2010 to 2019 she was a Freelance child care provider, and from 2014-2016 she was a sales associate for Radio Shack.

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22 West Main Street
Suite 14
Patchogue, NY 11772
United States
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Adjuster Experience

10 years 2014