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Iván Xavier Quintanilla



Ivan started in the field in 2007. He has worked within the field in different types of companies, like Aseguradora Federal Argentina, a Local Insurance Company and Mapfre Argentina S.A. where he specialized in Property claims.

Ivan also worked in Brokers Insurance like “MYA” and “April” where he worked on the areas of claims, commercial, contracts, in different kinds of products like car insurance, home, commercial, transport, health, casualty, amongst others.


  • Hurricane Maria – Several damages
  • LPZ Hostings – Bitcoins mining farm fire (USD 1 Million)
  • Cuenca del Salado – Silos plant fire (USD 600 K)
  • Chaye Hermanos – Fire in agricultural machine (USD 300 K)
  • Valmont Industries – Storm (USD 800 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Avenida Alvarez Thomas 1131
7º Floor "A"
(C1427CCE) Buenos Aires
Local Time:
Local Date:


Lincoln Institute, Customs and Foreign Trade Technician, IFTS N 1 Institute, Insurance Technician

Additional Expertise

Construction and Erection All Risks - Machinery Breakdown - Associated BI and ALOP / DSU Covers - Liability - Technical services

Adjuster Experience

17 years 2007