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Engineering Loss Adjuster

James Ndonga

Engineering Loss Adjuster



  • Machinery Breakdown Claim: Triumph Power Generation Ltd, Nairobi. Engine Failure and Conloss (USD 4.5 Million)
  • Fire claim: Factory Building, Plant and Machinery in foam mattress factory (USD 5 Million)
  • Machinery Breakdown Claim: Turbo Charger Failure (USD 180 K)
  • Fire Claim: Fire damage to printing machine (USD 2.5 Million)
  • Fire Claim: Flood damage to plant and equipment (USD 130 K)
  • Fire Claim: Fire damage to 95MVA/220kV transformer (USD 750 K)
  • Fire Claim: Fire damage to building and textile machinery  (USD 5 Million)
  • Impact Damage: Impact damage to undersea gas installations (USD 1 Million)
  • Malicious Damage: Malicious damage to mining equipment (USD 1.2 Million)
  • Fire Damage: Fire damage to property (USD 1.5 Million)

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Bishops Garden Towers, 5th Floor, Bishops Road, Nairobi Kenya
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BSc. (Mech) Engineering, Training in Insurance

Adjuster Experience

17 years 2007