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Aviation Surveyor

Jan Benke

Aviation Surveyor


Jan joined the insurance industry in early 2015. He previously worked for Cathay Pacific Airways Limited in Frankfurt as a licensed senior station engineer. He was responsible for servicing Cathay Pacific Airways modern fleet of aircraft whilst transiting Europe and Russia. Jan started his aviation career as an apprentice aircraft mechanic in a German Air Force test facility, working on both fixed wing General Aviation jets and rotor wing aircraft. Following his apprenticeship, he worked on different helicopter models, in the military and for a number of civilian German maintenance organisations. In addition, he has completed his State-certified Technician degree in general engineering design. Jan is a licensed civilian Aircraft Engineer with type ratings on many wide bodied commercial aircraft.

  • Major European charter airline : hull loss, aircraft damage by third party car (USD 150,000)
  • Major European helicopter operator: hull total loss, helicopter struck power lines (USD 3 Million)
  • Major European aircraft operator: hull loss, engine ingestion damage (USD 1.1 Million)
  • Major European helicopter operator: hull total loss, control loss (USD 2.4 Million)
  • Private European helicopter operator: hull total loss, control loss (EUR 100,000)
  • Major European jet charter operator: hull loss, nose landing gear breakdown (EUR 700,000)
  • Major European flight training organisation: hull total loss, control loss (EUR 100,000)
  • Major European MRO: liability claim, damage to third party aircraft (EUR 15,000)
  • Major European jet charter operator: hull and liability claim, aircraft blown into ditch with following recovery (USD 400,000)
  • Major European jet charter operator: hull loss, aircraft damaged during towing (USD 1.35 Million)
  • Major European jet charter operator: hull loss, aircraft suffered hail damage (USD 350,000)
  • European aircraft operator: hull and liability loss, helicopter struck fuel station, total loss (EUR 700,000)
  • Major European ground service provider: liability claim, damage to freighter aircraft (USD 1 Million)
  • European jet aircraft operator: hull loss, total loss after runway excursion (USD 4.1 Million)

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Galvanistrasse 30
60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Industry Certification

State-certified Technician Certificate in General Engineering Design, HKAR Aircraft Maintenance License (AML), B1 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Various type course certificates on wide body aircraft, associated engines, and equipment


Management training at Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, Multiple aircraft type courses, Engine run up training on multiple wide body aircraft, Introduction to Aviation Insurance at the Chartered Insurance Institute


Additional Expertise

Military aircraft line and base maintenance, Commercial helicopter base and line maintenance, Commercial aircraft line maintenance, General engineering & design, Management

Adjuster Experience

35 years 1989