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Chief Operating Officer

Jan Martin

Chief Operating Officer


Jan is one of two co-owners of GtE since its legal restructuring in 2011. In the early stages of the enterprise, he was responsible for establishing new business relations and developing our international department. Today, Jan is the Chief Strategy Officer of the company.

Jan has received a formal education in Economics/Business Administration, Information Technologies and Philosophy at Europe’s top Universities in Bayreuth, Hamburg and Leuven. Internally, he designs and coordinates the business development and process strategies. Externally, he oversees our international accounts inclusive of Austria as well as the technical departments of business interruption and product liability. Jan is also involved with BVFS – Bundesverband Freier Sachverständiger.


  • Metal Smelting Plant: Flood (EUR +100 Million)
  • Beverage Production Site: Flood (EUR +10 Million)
  • Feedstuff Production Site: Recall / Contamination (EUR +5 Million)
  • E-Bike Manufacturing Plant: Product Liability (EUR +3.5 Million)
  • Automotive Manufacturer: Fire (EUR +6 Million)
  • Hotel Building: Ground Water Ingress (EUR +5 Million)
  • Chocolate Factory: Business Interruption (EUR +2 Million)
  • Semiconductor Transport Chain: Marine (EUR +2.5 Million)
  • Oil & Gas Refinery: Business Interruption (EUR +3 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Ostendstraße 25 - Haus 7
12459 Berlin
Local Time:
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Kessenicher Straße 13
53129 Bonn
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Ferdinand-Rhode-Straße 18
04107 Leipzig
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Köstlergasse 10/12
1060 Wien
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Industry Certification

Listed and Recognised Expert for: "Technical and Calculative Loss Analysis" (BVFS), "Product Liability" (BVFS), "Business Interruption" (BVFS)

Additional Expertise

Product Liability, Business Interruption, Recovery/Subrogation, Reinsurance

Adjuster Experience

12 years 2012