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Regional General Adjuster

Jared Nunes

Regional General Adjuster


Jared has been working in the insurance industry for most of the last 10 years. Beginning as a Catastrophe Adjuster, Jared adjusted claims in over 30 states prior to becoming a roof consultant for insurance carriers. Jared then consulted with a startup company in 2015 and helped launch a successful handyman/AirBnB management company in Nashville. Re-entering the insurance industry in 2017 as a Catastrophe Adjuster, Jared continued gaining knowledge handling personal property claims and obtained a remote pilots license in 2019.

Office Address / Contact Information

2817 West End Ave. Ste. 126 - 112
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: +1 (615) 241 2295
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Local Time: 05:05 pm
Local Date: 28 November, 2021

Industry Certification

HAAG Certified Roof Inspector, UAS Remote Pilot's License


Bachelor of Business Administration


Additional Expertise

Residential, Roofing

Adjuster Experience

11 years 2010