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Manager - Tianjin

Jason Huang - 黄智尧

Manager - Tianjin


Between 2009 and 2012 Jason worked for Shanghai Vacuum Pump Co., Ltd .where he gained experience in mechanical equipment and sales.

In February 2012 he moved to Crawford China Limited where he worked on a large of claims including Marine and Liability, including transit liability.

In November 2015 Jason joined McLarens as Manager of the Marine Department in Tianjin.


  • A large number of Marine claims following Tianjin Port Explosion on 12 August 2015

Office Address / Contact Information

Unit A4, 15/F, Fanhua International Building
No. 931 Tanggu Yingkou Avenue, New Binhai District
Tianjin 300450, China
中国天津市滨海新区塘沽营口道931号泛华国际大厦15楼A4, 邮编300450
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Industry Certification

CIRC Licensed Adjuster


Additional Expertise


Adjuster Experience

11 years 2013

Language Skills

Mandarin, English