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General Adjuster

Javier J. Aleman Navarro

General Adjuster


Javier is a dedicated insurance adjuster with expertise in handling catastrophe claims, specifically those arising from hurricanes and earthquakes, and experience in fraud detection, subrogation, and recovery. He has honed his skills in assessing damages, interpreting policy language, and providing support to policyholders.

Through meticulous investigations, clear communication, and fair settlements, Javier has made a lasting impact by assisting countless policyholders and insurance companies in their journey toward indemnification and rebuilding, embodying the unwavering dedication of an insurance adjuster. He continuously stays upfront in emerging trends and developments in the insurance industry, to enhance his knowledge and skills.

Javier has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable insurance adjuster with an unwavering commitment to integrity and a genuine desire to protect the interests of policyholders and insurance companies.

Javier has an eye for detail, identifying fraudulent claims and ensuring that insurance companies receive rightful claims. With an understanding of insurance policies and regulations, he meticulously examines claim documents, assesses inconsistencies, and conducts thorough investigations to uncover any signs of fraudulent activity.

Javier is a professional in subrogation and recovery. Through his persistent efforts, he tirelessly pursues recovery from liable third parties, seeking reimbursement for insurance companies and policyholders.



  • Food & Beverage: Hurricane (USD $7 Million)
  • Hospitality: Earthquake (USD $5 Million)
  • Education: Earthquake (50+ locations USD $4 Million)
  • Hospital: Hurricane (USD $3.5 Million)
  • Education: Hurricane (5+ locations USD $3 Million)
  • Fabrication Plant: Hurricane (USD $2 Million)
  • Hospitality: Fraud detection (USD $600K)
  • Marine: Recovery (USD $400K)
  • Property: Subrogation (USD $150K)
  • Marine: Subrogation (USD $100K)



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Industry Certification

Associate in Claim, CAT Preparation Foundations, Property Technical Certificate, Cyber Risk Management

Adjuster Experience

7 years 2017

Language Skills

English & Spanish