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Adjuster and Surveyor

Johnny Jhou

Adjuster and Surveyor


Johnny joined McLarens in 2017. Prior to his time at McLarens, he worked for three years at The Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank, Ltd.


  • Aerospace Technology, Missing, USD 300,000
  • Warehousing and Storage, Water damage, USD 200,000
  • Shipbuilding industry, Impact damage, USD 50,000
  • Pharmaceutical industry, Water damage USD 200,000
  • Semiconductor industry, Impact damage USD 150,000

Office Address / Contact Information

6th Floor, 76 Nanking East Road, Section 2 Taipei Taiwan
Local Time: 11:00 am
Local Date: 01 December, 2023


Bachelor of Economics, National Taipei University


Adjuster Experience

6 years 2017