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Juan Pablo Gonzalez Bejarano

Casualty Coordinator


Juan Pablo is a Colombian lawyer with 23 years of insurance experience. Before joining McLarens as a Loss Adjuster in 2014, he worked in different areas of insurance companies such as underwriting, legal & compliance and claims, giving him a unique vision to understand claims from different perspectives.

  • PVC Pipe manufacturer: Defect in product (USD 135 K)
  • Oil Company: Employer’s Liability (USD 56 K)
  • Contractor’s All Risks: Employer liability (USD 97 K)
  • Beer producer: Employer’s liability (USD 63 K)
  • Telecommunication Company: Theft – Fidelity insurance (USD 300 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Carrera 12 No. 79-32
Oficina 701
Edificio Orion
Bogotá Colombia
Local Time: 02:26 am
Local Date: 17 September, 2021


Diploma- General Insurance and Personal Insurance- Universidad Javeriana Colombia; Lawyer- Universidad Catolica de Colombia, Bogota, 2003

Adjuster Experience

27 years 1994