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Executive Loss Adjuster

Juliette Bureau

Executive Loss Adjuster


Juliette graduated with a Master’s degree in Management Science in Finance and Tax at the Paris IX-Dauphine University, which she completed by following a training course in accounting at CNAM-INTEC.

Juliette began her professional career in accounting firms and private financial departments.

She then joined an English firm, Managers & Processors of Claims, settled in France, managing claims for the victims of the Erika shipwreck. Thus, she quantified operating losses and defended these victims before the loss adjustors, appointed by IOPC Funds.

After this experience, she continued her career as loss adjuster by joining Texa TGS, where she dealt for 15 years in Civil Liability cases by addressing, depending on the case, the technical and/or financial aspects.

For the past three years, Juliette has been pursuing this same activity within Cible-Experts, intervening in the financial aspects of petrochemicals and nuclear energy business.


  • Petrochemicals / Business interruption (€ 248 Million)
  • Nuclear power plant / Business interruption: (€ 71 Million)
  • Auditors /contractual liability (€ 3,15 Million)
  • Hospital / Business interruption: (€ 1 Million)
  • Cogeneration plant / Business interruption: (€ 1,1 Million)
  • Agri-food industry / Product liability (€ 900 K)
  • Hotel industry / Business interruption: (€ 800 K)
  • Printing plant / Product liability: (€ 300 K)

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49 Rue de Paris
CS 30054
92586 Clichy Cedex
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Management Science in Finance and Tax Master’s Degree


Additional Expertise

Financial lines, Financial Risk- Financial Loss, Business Interruption, Economic losses due to injury, Financial Analysis, Civil liability of accountants and other liberal professions