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Loss Adjuster

Karl Bo - 柏安林

Loss Adjuster


Karl graduated from Huangshan University in July 2011 with a bachelor degree in electronic information engineering.

Immediately after graduation Karl joined McLarens as a Loss Adjuster in the Property & Casualty Department, responsible for handling general property claims.


  • Fire loss adjusted to USD 400,000
  • Fire loss, adjusted to USD 700,000
  • Theft, adjusted to USD 160,000
  • Fire loss, adjusted to USD 800,000
  • Rainwater loss, adjusted to USD 200,000
  • Fire loss, adjusted to USD 18 million
  • Accidental loss, adjusted to USD 3.3 million
  • Cold wave, adjusted to USD 100,000
  • Fire Loss, adjusted to USD 2 million
  • Fire Loss, adjusted to USD 1.8 million

Office Address / Contact Information

Room 717, West Block, Building A, Fanhua Center,
4555 Renmin Road, Xiangcheng District,
Suzhou 215131, China
中国苏州市相城区人民路4555号繁花中心A楼西座717室,邮编 215131
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Industry Certification

BSc; CIRC Licensed Loss Adjuster


Adjuster Experience

13 years 2011

Language Skills

Mandarin, English