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Senior Forensic Accountant

Laura Miller

Senior Forensic Accountant


Laura Miller embarked on a dynamic career journey that began in the financial realm. Armed with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Laura took the first step into the corporate world as an Assistant Management Accountant. Eager to broaden her expertise, Laura transitioned to a role as a trainee Chartered Accountant. Here, she delved deeper into financial reporting, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

As part of her training, Laura spent two years as an external auditor where she became adept at examining financial records, identifying discrepancies, and providing valuable insights to enhance organizational efficiency.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Laura continued her career in auditing and secured a position in one of the Big Four consultancy firms, where she relocated to the Forensic Accounting team.

Laura then joined the Forensic Accounting team of a Big Four competitor and continued her career in fraud investigations, data analytics, dispute resolution and operating the external whistleblower hotline.

In 2020, Laura transitioned into loss adjusting as a Senior Forensic Accountant/Financial Loss Adjuster. Specialising in fraud investigations, crime claims, expert witness reports, business interruption, and stock claims. Laura remains dedicated to navigating the complexities of fraud investigations, ensuring financial resilience, and contributing to the robustness of businesses across sectors.

Across her career, Laura has worked in a variety of industries from healthcare, mining, retail, manufacturing and transport to name a few.


  • Linen Factory: Fire (AUD 8 Million)
  • Manufacturing Stock: Fire (AUD 3 Million)
  • Healthcare: Crime (AUD 300k)
  • Car Showroom: Crime (AUD 600k)
  • Tavern: Fire (AUD 1.8 million) Dentist: Storm (AUD 1.4 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

Level 1, 1315 Hay Street
PO Box 947
West Perth, WA 6872
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Industry Certification

Diploma in Loss Adjusting (ANZIIF)


Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland), Licensed Investigator, Bachelor of Arts - Accounting and Finance (Honours)

Adjuster Experience

4 years 2020