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Senior Executive General Adjuster

Leah Hutton

Senior Executive General Adjuster


Leah began her adjusting career in the New York office of McLarens, where she applied her education in Art History to handling fine art claims. While in New York, she gained experience investigating jeweller’s block, antique car, entertainment equipmentl and furrier losses. She went on to become the Director of Risk Management for Sotheby’s from 1999 to 2006, acquiring hands-on experience in all aspects of fine art risks.

Leah re-joined our firm as an Executive General Adjuster specialising in fine art and jeweller’s block claims. Having worked in South Florida and New York, Leah has an understanding of the variety of environmental influences and risk factors that affect collections in different regions.

She also has experience managing National TPA programs and has served as a CAT team member following the Northridge earthquake.


  • Hurricane Sandy Losses: Fine Art (Multiple) (USD 9 Million +)
  • Ancient Egyptian Artifacts: Surveyor for Traveling Exhibits   
  • CAT Northridge Earthquake
  • Painting: Handled & Reduced Claim Amount (Valued at over USD 8 Million)
  • Recovered Two Works of Art (Valued at USD 500 K)
  • Collectible Items: Recovered from Airport Theft (Valued at USD 1 Million)
  • Art Gallery: Fire (USD 775 K)
  • Damaged antiques: Flood (USD 2 Million)
  • Damaged contemporary prints: Flood (USD 2 Million)
  • Art show: Missing Artwork Recovered (Valued at USD 150 K)
  • Uncovered Mis-attribution of an American Painting
  • Managed TPA programs for Domestic & London Insurers
  • Avoided losses to contemporary works through re-fabrication of Damaged Pieces (USD 1 Million)
  • University Library: Multiple losses
  • Restored paintings damaged in an art gallery fire (USD 300 K)
  • Investigated multiple jewellery thefts
  • Arranged for restoration of outdoor sculpture in a remote rain forest (Valued at USD 200 K)
  • Investigated fraudulent losses of collectible trading cards (Valued at USD 2 Million)
  • Conducted pre-risk surveys for museums, galleries, and the jewellery trade

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New York, NY 10170
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University of South Florida - Bachelors of Arts, Art History / Chemistry Minor

Additional Expertise

Antique Automobiles, Cash in Transit, Collectibles, Entertainment Equipment, Furrier’s Block, Jeweller’s Block, Wine

Adjuster Experience

23 years 23 years

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