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Senior Surveyor / Loss Adjuster

Leung Yu - 余敏梁

Senior Surveyor / Loss Adjuster


Leung graduated from Guangzhou Electrical Technician College majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering. He obtained a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and automation from South China University of Technology.

Leung served as an Assistant Engineer in a local cogeneration power plant company for 7 years, during which time he was engaged in the maintenance of turbine generators, transformers, and circuit breakers. In 2009, Leung joined a local electrical construction supervision company as an engineering supervisor, where he was responsible for the supervision of large power transformers and electrical power equipment.

Leung joined McLarens in 2014 as a loss adjuster in the Construction & Engineering Department.


  • Machinery breakdown at a power plant (Adjusted to RMB 110 Million)
  • PAR cases related to Typhoon Usagi (Adjusted to RMB 70 Million total)
  • EAR & Machinery breakdown at nuclear power plant (Adjusted to RMB 2 Million)
  • EAR case at nuclear power plant (RMB 50 Million)
  • Machinery breakdown of a gas turbine at a petroleum plant (RMB 50 Million)
  • Typhoon Wimason EAR case at a nuclear power plant (RMB 40 Million)


Office Address / Contact Information

Unit 1508 & 1509, 15/F, Guangzhou Jiayu Centre
No.769, Huacheng Avenue, Guangzhou 510627, China
Local Time: 10:30 am
Local Date: 04 December, 2023

Industry Certification

CIRC Licensed Adjuster


Guangzhou Electrical Technician College - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, South China University of Technology - Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Automation

Additional Expertise

Contractors All Risks, Erection All Risks

Adjuster Experience

10 years 2013

Language Skills

Mandarin, English, Cantonese