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Executive General Adjuster

Lloyd Rainey

Executive General Adjuster


Lloyd has over twenty five years of continuous professional experience adjusting and managing Property and Casualty losses, including both large and complex property claims. His areas of specific experience and skill include Commercial Property, Residential Property, Educational and Governmental Facilities, Building and Construction, Business Interruption, and Retail Risks, along with Self-Insured Retention Programs.

Lloyd’s career started with Farmers Insurance in 1988. After moving on from Farmers, Lloyd owned and operated a successful independent adjusting firm for 14 years prior to joining McLarens. His direct experience with diverse multi-million dollar programs makes him an important client resource, as well as a valuable addition to the McLarens global adjusting team. He is licensed by the State of Texas for Property and Liability Claims Adjustment.


  • Elementary School: Tornado Damage (USD 4 Million+)
  • School Districts (25): Hurricane Wind & Flood Damage
    (USD 40 Million+)
  •  Litigation: Mold (USD 35 Million)
  • Contractor’s Equipment: Flood Damage (USD 1.3 Million)
  • Resort / Hotel: Water Damage (USD 5.5 Million)
  • School District / Roofing: Hail Damage (USD 2.3 Million)
  • College Campus: Hail Damage (USD 1.8 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

18018 Overlook Loop, Suite #105
Box 331
San Antonio TX 78259
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999 E. Basse Road
Suite 180-112
San Antonio, TX 78209
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Industry Certification

California Earthquake Certified, Graduate in Claims Administration, Legal Principals Claim Specialist


Texas State University - Bachelors of Arts, Journalism, Insurance Institute of America Coursework, Certificate in General Insurance


Additional Expertise

Building and Construction, Business Interruption, Educational and Governmental Facilities, Retail Risks, Self-Insured Retention Programs

Adjuster Experience

36 years 1988

Language Skills