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Senior Surveyor / Loss Adjuster

Lyman Liang - 梁志斌

Senior Surveyor / Loss Adjuster


Lyman graduated from South China University of Technology Department in 1990 with a bachelors degree in chemical machinery. After graduation, Lyman was employed by a pharmaceutical company where he gained significant experience in equipment importing, equipment maintenance & management, and technical renovation work. Three years later, Lyman joined a local household electrical appliance manufacturer and was involved in developing a new line of tumble dryers, including prototyping and production drawings, contacting suppliers and market research.

In 1997, Lyman joined a local medical supplier. He served as a maintenance engineer and as technical services supervisor (production equipment), technical services supervisor (utilities), and technical service department manager.

In 2007, he joined another local medical supplies company, where he served as a Project Manager. His main work was to improve product quality and compliance with EHS regulations, construction of new factories, and the relocation of the old plant.

Lyman joined McLarens in 2013 as a Loss Adjuster in the Property and Casualty Department.


  • Machinery Breakdown: Power Plant (Adjusted to USD 10 Million)
  • Plastic Plant: Property Damage (Adjusted to USD 200 K)
  • Wind Power Plant: Property Damage (USD 1 Million)
  • Wind Power Plant: Machinery Breakdown (Adjusted to USD 100 K)
  • Wind Power Plant: Business Interruption (Adjusted to USD 100 K)
  • Expressway: Public Liability (Adjusted to USD 300 K)
  • Expressway: Property Damage (Adjusted to USD 100 K)
  • Pier: Property Damage (Adjusted to USD 200 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Unit 1301B, 13/F, Mayland Building
No 667, Huacheng Avenue, Guangzhou 510627
Local Time:
Local Date:

Industry Certification

CIRC Licensed Adjuster


South China University of Technology - Bachelors of Science, Chemical Machinery


Additional Expertise

Liability, Machinery Breakdown

Adjuster Experience

11 years 2013

Language Skills

Mandarin, Cantonese, English