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Technical Engineer

Marco Guazzini

Technical Engineer


Marco worked for five years, from 1968 to 1973, as a production engineer at the Anic S.p.A. (Eni Group) Acrylic fiber production plant at Pisticci (MT).

Since 1972 he started his activity as an independent loss adjuster and expert of industrial and commercial claims for insurance companies and from that date he has been managing major claims in the fields of fire, theft, C.A.R., E.A.R., machinery breakdown and liability in the industrial and corporate market for the main italian insurance companies.

The activity of Marco is mainly focused in the centre and South of Italy for the following companies: Generali Italia Group, Allianz, Unipol-Sai Group, Reale Mutua Group, Zurich, etc.

In 1991 he founded with his nephew Pierluigi Puccetti the loss adjusting company Fire Gest S.r.l. and he has been the Technical Director of the company from that date. Fire Gest S.r.l., now managed also by his nephew Pierluigi Puccetti and his son Cesare Guazzini, continues to receive assignments for large corporate market claims worth millions of Euro in single value by the main Italian and international insurance companies, in sectors like steel, oil, IT, paper, textile, commercial, constructions and others.

Marco managed claims related to the terrorist attack of 1993 at Accademia dei Georgofili of Florence. He also investigated and discovered many frauds in theft claims organized by Italian criminal organizations.

Marco is a Senior Member of AIPAI (Italian loss adjusters association) and FUEDI (The European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts).


  • Many claims at major Steel plants in the South of Italy : up to 10M Euro
  • Fires and arsons at textile plants : up to 15M Euro
  • Fires at Paper plants : up to 12M Euro
  • CAR claims at Construction sites of HiSpeed railway Rome-Naples : up to 5M Euro
  • CAR claim Collapse at construction site of a gallery and road : 5M Euro
  • Fire at Commercial Center in the North of Italy – arbitration : 30M Euro
  • Fire at Supermarket Logistic Warehouse – arbitration : 30M Euro
  • Fire at Milk plant : 15M Euro
  • Fire at Furniture Plant : 15M Euro
  • Flood at railway lines : 9M Euro

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Via della Macchia, 21
53045 – Montepulciano Stazione (SI)
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