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Loss Adjuster

Michiel Roholl

Loss Adjuster


From 1986 until late 2013 Michiel worked with various contractors’ firms in the building industry in various positions ranging from engineer to technical manager. In 2013 Michiel commenced his loss adjusting career at Sedgwick’s where he mainly handled Construction All Risks and Liability claims.

In 2021 he joined McLarens. Claims handling was and is almost exclusively in the building industry, for Construction All Risks and GTPL Insurers.

Michiel is a great communicator working to the satisfaction of insured parties, third parties and other stakeholders.  His practical knowledge of (modern) contracts and building techniques and associated costs is much to the benefit of his job.


  • Partial collapse of above-ground parking garage: Professional Liability (EUR 2.3 million)
  • Collapse of monumental building in the centre of Amsterdam during foundation repair: Construction All Risks (EUR 900,000)
  • Failing steel construction business premises: CAR (EUR 1.1 million)
  • Concrete construction of bridge does not meet the strength requirements (contaminated with masonry mortar): GTPL (EUR 600,000)
  • Concrete construction of lift shaft does not meet strength (contaminated with anhydrite): GTPL (EUR 350,000)
  • Delamination of concrete floors of distribution centre: GTPL (EUR 275,000)
  • Subsidence of biogasification silos: CAR and GTPL (EUR 1,4 million)
  • Damage to wood constructions (woodworm / longhorn beetle): Profession Liability (EUR 80,000)
  • Damage to wool cavity insulation by moth: Professional Liability (EUR 65,000)
  • Crumbling masonry façades of residential complex: GTPL (EUR 1,7 million)

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