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Adjuster & Surveyor

Miguel Samaniego

Adjuster & Surveyor



  • Sunken barge: Hull & Machinery (USD 1.7 Million)
  • Yacht affected by exposure to high temperatures (fire): Hull & Machinery (USD 1.7 Million)
  • An explosion in an apartment building: Structure (USD 543 K)
  • Impact of lightning on yacht: Hull & Machinery (USD 348 K)
  • Beauty and Spa: Damage to electronic equipment (USD 273 K)
  • Hotel: Employee infidelity (USD 208 K)
  • Export company: Employee infidelity (USD 153 K)
  • Hotel: Earthquake damage (USD 102 K)
  • Export company: Theft of merchandise (USD 87 K)
  • Advertising announcement: Liability for damages to third parties (USD 68 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

P.H. Panama Business Hub, Piso 14, Oficinas 03 y 05, Calle 50, Panamá, Rep. de Panamá.
Local Time: 11:48 am
Local Date: 28 May, 2023


Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. City of Panama, Republic of Panama, Degree of Logistics and Multimodal Transport, Colegio Bilingüe de Cerro Viento. City of Panama, Republic of Panama, Bachelor of Science with orientation in Accounting

Additional Expertise

Cargo, Hull & Machinery

Adjuster Experience

9 years 2014

Language Skills

Spanish and English