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Nelson Alexis Salas Urrea

Executive General Adjuster


Nelson is an architect graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), Exchange at the Technological Institute of Monterrey (TEC headquarters Monterrey, Mexico), with various training courses at the Insurance School of Chile.

With more than 17 years working as an adjuster, he has extensive experience in business cases, construction risks, housing and building in general. Handling and management of complex and massive cases such as fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other risks of natural disasters, highlighting the 2010 earthquake in Chile, Hurricane Maria 2017 in Puerto Rico, the 2020 earthquake in Puerto Rico and the ETA hurricanes and IOTA in Honduras.

The work at McLarens Chile began in June 2005, on the occasion of the earthquake that occurred in the city of Iquique, carrying out on-site inspections, evaluating construction damage in different residential and commercial buildings. Subsequently, he began his work as a claims adjuster for various branches in the home/persons area, where he highlighted the management and administration of thousands of cases for the 2010 (27F) earthquake, one of the 10 largest recorded in history.

From 2011 to 2016, he works as an adjuster in the Property area, attending industrial claims, companies, commerce, institutions, infrastructure and construction. Highlighting the attention and successful settlement of complex cases.

In Brazil he works for me as a claims adjuster for the area of ​​massive events (housing), in different cities in Brazil. The work carried out consisted of field inspections, damage assessment, loss control and loss adjustment for residential, commercial and agricultural machinery claims.

In 2017, work began with Mclarens Puerto Rico due to Hurricane María, later with the Guánica Earthquake and attending general claims on the Island, the Caribbean and Central America such as hurricanes ETA and IOTA in Honduras.


  • Earthquake Iquique, Chile – June 2005 (7,8 Richter)
  • Flood Concepción, Chile – July 2006
  • Earthquake Tocopilla, Chile – November 2007 (7,5 Richter)
  • Earthquake Concepción, Chile – February 2010 (8,8 Richter)
  • Earthquake Iquique, Chile – April 2014 (8,2 Richter)
  • Storms North of Chile – March 2015
  • Storms North of Chile – August 2015
  • Earthquake Coquimbo, Chile – September 2015 (8,4 Richter)
  • Hurricane María, Puerto Rico – September 2017 (Hurricane Category 5)
  • Earthquake La Serena, Chile – January 2019 (6,7 Richter) 
  • Storms Iquique, Chile – February 2019
  • Earthquake Guánica, Puerto Rico – January 2020 (6,4 Richter)
  • Hurricane ETA and IOTA, Honduras – November 2020

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