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Chief Operating Officer - McLarens General Aviation

Nic Stratta

Chief Operating Officer - McLarens General Aviation


Nic began his career in the aviation insurance industry in 1978, with Lloyd’s syndicate 173 where he worked for 17 years, leaving as Deputy Claims Manager and responsible for outward reinsurance and Lloyd’s regulatory reporting.

From 1995 to 2003 he worked at Westminster Aviation Insurance Group, becoming Allianz, where he left as Claims Manager to move to Singapore with Charles Taylor Adjusting. In 2006 he joined GAB Robins Ltd., moving to the United States to act as TPA for a new General Aviation Program, setting up Aviation LS in 2010 as the domestic U.S. General Aviation division of GAB Robins Ltd. (which was acquired by Crawford and Company in 2014) which he managed as Chief Operating Officer.

Nic joined McLarens as COO of General Aviation in February of 2019. He oversees the General Aviation regional management team and operations with the continental U.S.

Nic is a current member of the Aviation Insurance Association and former Board Member of Aviation Insurance Association – Claims Director.

Office Address / Contact Information

10440 North Central Expressway
Suite 650
Dallas, TX 75231
United States
Local Time:
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Additional Expertise

Light aircraft claims, first- and third-party hull damage claims, physical damage to property, bodily injury, third party liability, hangar keeper’s, product liability claims, salvage and environmental services

Adjuster Experience

46 years 1978