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Olivier Bordeau

Loss Adjuster


Olivier is a graduate engineer in Chemical Engineering from Compiegne University Of Technology (UTC). He also holds a MSc degree in Applied Energy from Cranfield University (England).

He was first a production engineer in the Exxon group (isobutylene – isoprene copolymers). He then joined a Saint Gobain factory as head of energy production and industrial waste and fumes treatment. He oversaw gas and power purchase at national level for Saint Gobain Paper branch.

Olivier occupied various production and maintenance management and development executive positions in Smurfit Kappa pulp and paper manufacturing plants. He then joined the Executive MBA program at HEC Paris to improve his financial and business skills.

After several years as Nybron Flooring International France Chief Operating Officer, he decided to use his many experiences in the areas of Insurance and litigation.

Since 2008, Olivier is an industry and construction Adjuster. He trained in law school and regularly intervene in the context of judicial expertise.

Olivier is always passionate about technical, financial and human issues and eager to deliver the best, especially in an international context.


  • Refining: steam cracker breakdown (€ 16 Million)
  • Glass industry: furnace collapse in Belgium (€ 5.6 Million)
  • Paper industry: corrosion paper machine (€ 2.5 Million)
  • Metro tunnel Collapse in Egypt (€ 12 Million)
  • Corrosion: Process water pipe network (€ 0.65 Million)
  • Gas turbine: Turbine breakdown in Algeria (€ 4.3 Million)
  • Fire: Inhouse wastewater treatment plant in Monaco (€1.5 Million)
  • Major Incident in Nuclear Reactor Building (€ 100 Million)
  • Paper industry: performance guarantees unachieved (€ 6 Million)
  • Fire: amino acids production plant (€ 1.7 Million)
  • Flood in Thailand: electronic and car making plants (€ 450 Million)
  • Investment start delay: medical clinic (€ 1.5 Million)
  • Fire: Domestic buildings – Public buildings – Historic buildings
  • Fire: shopping mall (€ 2.3 Million)
  • Environment: Soil contamination (€ 0.5 Million)
  • Power outage: Cement plant (€ 0.45 Million)
  • Operating loss: Car dealership business interruption (€ 1.9 Million)
  • Environment: Industrial pollution (+€ 1 Million)
  • Environment: River pollution (€ 0.3 Million)
  • HVAC: Disorders in social housing (€ 1.9 Million)
  • Buildings: Warehouses collapse (€ +5 Million)
  • Automotive industry: Power outage (€ +2 Million)

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Chemical Engineering degree from Compiegne University Of Technology, MSC degree in Applied Energy from Cranfield University (England)

Additional Expertise

Operating loss, Petroleum, refining, petrochemicals, Energy production and distribution, Photovoltaic, cogeneration, hydropower, Furnace, boiler, heat network, Wastewater, fumes treatment, Electrical power facilities, High Voltage distribution, Gas and steam turbines, engine, Automotive Industry & Equipment Manufacturers, Chemistry, Industrial piping, Steel industry Foundry, Root cause analysis (fire, explosion), Root cause analysis (corrosion, break), Surface Treatment, Lime furnace, Power outage

Adjuster Experience

16 years 2008