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Olivier van der Kruijs

Loss Adjuster


Olivier started his career as a maritime officer on seagoing vessels. Being dual educated, Olivier sailed both as a nautical officer as well as a ship’s engineer, obtaining a license for Chief Officer and Chief Engineer.

After this, Olivier started working as a marine surveyor with a Rotterdam-based surveying company, followed by a period of 6 years serving as a risk technician with a P&I insurer in Rotterdam. As from 2007, Olivier has spent almost 17 years working as a technical marine surveyor with a leading Rotterdam based survey company.

During this time, Olivier has dealt with numerous casualties and damages on behalf of marine (hull) underwriters, P&I insurers and cargo insurance, specializing in machinery breakdown, hull damage, collisions, groundings and bunker disputes. In addition he handled various cases involving liability matters, for various of these assisting during litigation proceedings.

Olivier also acted in various cases involving transport related damage of cargo commodities, as well as damage to (land based) heavy machinery. Besides this, he also built up a significant track record in marine risk assessment, setting up a global inspection programmes for large ship operating companies.

Notable Assignments:

  • Ship’s main engine breakdown – general average claim and court proceedings (USD 3M)
  • Collision and repair assessment (USD 19M)
  • Grounding of laden vessel (USD 5M)
  • Collision of a vessel with dredger (USD 11M)
  • Construction defects of various thrusters (product liability) (USD 2M)
  • Main engine damage of laden vessel (USD 1M)
  • Oil spill incident (USD 1M)
  • Construction defects of a series of split hopper barges (USD 1M)
  • Main engine black-out on vessel loosing 79 containers (USD 5M)

Office Address / Contact Information

McLarens BV
Rotterdam Office
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 90
3062 MB Rotterdam
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Industry Certification



Graduated as Maritime Officer, Certificate for Chief Officer and Chief Engineer

Adjuster Experience

25 years 1999

Language Skills

Dutch, English