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Pierluigi Puccetti

Loss Adjuster


Pierluigi started his career as an insurance loss adjuster and expert in 1990, as assistant of his uncle: one of the main Italian loss adjusters, Eng. Marco Guazzini. They founded the Fire Gest S.r.l. company in 1991 that has been recognized over the last 30 years as one of the top level companies in the corporate and specialty claims market in Italy.

During his 30 year long career, Pierluigi has managed complex claims of relevant value for the most important Italian and international insurance companies in Italy and Europe, in almost any industrial and commercial sector. Thanks to Pierluigi’s background in economics he is also specialized in Business Interruption claims.

Pierluigi is a Senior Member of AIPAI (Italian loss adjusters association) and FUEDI (The European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts).


  • Fire and BI at Refinery in Falconara – IT : 8M Euro
  • Fire and BI at Steel plant in Piombino – IT : 12M Euro and related international subrogation for 8,0M Euro
  • Fire and BI at Steel plant in Turin – IT : 13M Euro
  • Property and BI claims of the main Italian Energy and Telecommunication companies : up to 10M Euro of single value
  • CAR/EAR claims related to roads and galleries constructions – IT : up to 5M Euro
  • Claims related to any of the main earthquakes and natural events that have occurred in Italy in the last 25 years : up to 15M Euro of single value in the fields of Metalworking plants, IT networks and systems, Power grids, Municipalities, Commercial Centers etc.
  • Fire and BI claims at Copper plants in Italy and Germany : up to 8M Euro single value
  • Fire and BI claims of Paper industries in Italy and Europe : up to 10M Euro single value
  • Fire and BI claims of Textile industries : up to 10M Euro single value

Office Address / Contact Information

Via della Macchia, 21
53045 – Montepulciano Stazione (SI)
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Via Arno 40
00198 – ROME
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Industry Certification

Certificate expert on Floods and Natural Catastrophes - Cineas (Consorzio Interuniversitario Ingegneria delle Assicurazioni), FUEDI-ELAE


Master Degree in Economics - University of Siena, Master in Insurance Engineering - Cineas (Politecnico di Milano), Founder and CEO of a start-up IT and Multimedia Company (Saenamedia)

Additional Expertise

Business Interruption

Adjuster Experience

34 years 1990