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Remko Poth



Remko started his professional career as a trainee ships engineer on chemical tankers at a Dutch shipping company specializing in transport of liquid chemicals. After 18 years of engine room experience on board these tankers, of which the last 8 years as a chief engineer, Remko continued his career as senior operator and later as a shift leader within the operational production departments of Waste-to-Energy power plants and Bio-energy power plants in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

Remko gained approximately 10 years of experience in these power and heat production facilities. In 2015, Remko joined the group of engineering adjusters at Vanderwal & Joosten BV. Since then, he is using and sharing his technical knowledge and experience to deal with all kind of technical claims for CAR/EAR, All Risks/Property, Machinery Breakdown and Liability Insurers and Insurance Brokers in the field of power generation, heavy industries, maritime, mechanical engineering, etc.


  • Fire in 110kV high-voltage substation (main hub in city center), claim Property Damage (€ 4 Million)
  • Explosion in newly installed 380kV high-voltage cable end termination, Construction All Risks claim (1.1 Million)
  • Involved in RCA team to investigate cause of fire incident biomass handling and processing system of a 800 MW Power Plant (€ 7 Million)
  • Damage to steam turbine cogeneration plant of floating glass production facility, Business Interruption loss of (€ 1 Million)
  • Broken compressor rotor blade of gas turbine of cogeneration plant at paper mill resulting in damage to compressor and power turbine section, Property Damage (€ 2.6 Million)
  • Cracks in low-pressure steam turbine rotors of 500 MW steam turbines with potential impact on MD and BI (€ 40 Million)
  • Rotor earth fault and stator lamination damage of a Pumped Storage Power station leading to a € 3.5 million Machinery breakdown claim including Business Interruption loss
  • Steam turbine rotor rubbing during start-up leading to combined Material Damage and Delay in Start-up loss of € 4 million.
    Fire damage of 530MWe power transformer leading to € 3.3 million Property Damage
  • Damage to newly installed straight through joints during Site Acceptance Tests of new 150kV high-voltage trajectory, claim under Construction All Risks Policy (€ 1.6 Million)
  • Damage to cooling water inlet ducts of 1,600 MW power plant caused by a ship maneuver leading to Property Damage and Business Interruption loss, Liability claim (€ 3 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

McLarens BV
Schiphol Office
Hendrik Walaardt Sacréstraat 405
1117 BM Schiphol
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Industry Certification

Global Wind Organization (GWO) - working at height, VOL-VCA - safety certificate, Candidate RE at NIVRE (Dutch register of Loss Adjusters)


Graduated as Marine Engineer, Certification for Chief Engineer all ships (no propulsion power limitation), Energy and Process Technology (Bachelor of Engineering)

Additional Expertise

Machinery Breakdown claims, Construction All Risks claims, AVB (liability claims)

Adjuster Experience

9 years 2015