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Graduate Adjuster

Rigthiga Balasupramaniam

Graduate Adjuster


Rigthiga is a recent law graduate from the University of Liverpool, embarking on promising career in loss adjusting, with a focus on casualty claims. Rigthiga’s legal education equips her with a strong foundation in critical thinking and analysis, making her well-suited to assess and resolve claims. Rigthiga is enthusiastic about bringing her skills and fresh perspective to the dynamic world of casualty loss adjustment, ensuring fair and efficient outcomes for our clients while continually learning and growing in this ever-evolving field. Furthermore, Rigthiga is keen to utilise her experience in the hospitality industry and apply it to Casualty claims and McLarens hospitality proposition.



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3 Hardman Square,
M3 3EB
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Industry Certification

CII Cert (In progress)



Language Skills

Tamil - Fluent