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Senior Loss Adjuster

Rob Vigelius

Senior Loss Adjuster


Rob began his career as a loss adjuster in 1987 after he had worked several years as a workshop manager in a machine factory specializing in the petrochemical industry, off-shore and shipping and as a product engineer in the field of noise and vibration control systems for all of industries and shipping.

Over the years, working as a senior loss adjuster at GAB Robins and Crawford & Company, he has dealt with a wide range of complex industrial claims and claims in the transport and  non-profit sectors and retail market.

His specialist experience is strongest in major fire losses and machinery breakdown losses in power generation and distribution, waste treatment plants, (high speed) trains and railway infrastructure.

Furthermore Rob specializes in recourse for insurers and arbitrations commissioned by parties and courts.


  • Various complex PD/BI claims in the field of major industrial fire losses and machinery breakdown losses
  • Recourse for insurers
  • Arbitrations commissioned by parties and courts

Office Address / Contact Information

McLarens BV
Rotterdam Office
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 90
3062 MB Rotterdam
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Industry Certification

Register Expert (re), FUEDI-ELAE


BEng, Various trainings and courses in the fields of technology and insurance

Additional Expertise

Arbitration, Recourse

Adjuster Experience

37 years 1987