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Senior Loss Adjuster

Ruth Saeys

Senior Loss Adjuster


Ruth started her career as an environmental consultant and worked on soil, groundwater and surface water contaminations. Her role included giving guidance to project managers, peer reviewing their reports and having meetings with clients and the authorities to discuss various projects.

In 2008 Ruth joined the Loss Adjusting industry at a global company and continued to specialize in environmental losses but also widening her scope towards claims related to Food and Feed Contamination, General Liability losses, Product Recalls etc.

Ruth handled a variety of international losses in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, New Caledonia, Latvia, Singapore, Argentina. Such as:

-Recall of contaminated meat/recall of pesticides/recall of pork feed
-Asbestos related losses
-A 1,000,000 m³ landslide
-Pollutions at gasoline stations and industrial sites (f.i. phenol production site/tank farms)
-Recall of knitwear/ textiles
-Pollution of a main river after (intentional) shutdown of a wastewater treatment plant
-Delamination of wood veneer
-Contamination of the ocean due to fuel release from a grounded vessel
-Fire in a landfill

Ruth obtained a Private Pilot License and immersed herself  fully and intensely in this new world, which now allows her to handle aviation claims as well. Furthermore Ruth is a speaker at seminars and hosted various in-house training sessions for insurers and brokers across the globe.

Notable Assignments:

  • Metal Fabrication Plant: landslide (EUR 5 Million)
  • Train derailment (EUR 9 Million)
  • Service provider: product recall (EUR 1 400 Million)
  • Research center: collapse geothermal drilling (EUR 1.4 Million)
  • Tyre recycling center: fire and resulting environmental contamination (EUR 1 Million)
  • Contractor: environmental impact on groundwater and surface water (EUR 28 Million)

Office Address / Contact Information

IJsvogelstraat 17, 9940 Ertvelde, Belgium
Local Time:
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Industry Certification

Private Investigator License nr 14.1893.11, FUEDI ELAE (European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts - European Loss Adjusting Expert)


MSc Geology, PPL (Private Pilot License)

Additional Expertise

Aircraft Technical Services Environmental Losses, Environmental Liability Claims, Geothermal installations, Geological losses (landslide, soil subsidence) and Food and Feed Contamination

Adjuster Experience

16 years 2008

Language Skills

Dutch, French, English, German (Spanish, Esperanto)