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Senior Loss Adjuster

Ryan Mooney

Senior Loss Adjuster


Ryan joined McLarens in January 2023 and has 21 years of insurance industry experience having worked with Insurers (CGU), in restoration, a broking house, plus 15 years in Loss Adjusting with Crawford & Company and Sedgwick in both Field Loss Adjusting and Management roles.

Ryan is an experienced Loss Adjuster with extensive experience in Property and Commercial Insurance as well as regional, rural and catastrophe assignments. Ryan is dedicated to continued educational advancement towards full chartered qualifications and is a member of the ANZIIF.

Notable Assignments:

  • Council Storm Claim (AUD $2milion)
  • Furniture Store Fire (AUD $1.5million)
  • Piggery Fire (AUD 1.6million)
  • Nursery Flood (AUD $1.2 million)
  • Nursery Fire (AUD $1milliion)
  • School Fire (AUD $900k)
  • Community Housing Storm Claims (AUD $500k)
  • Victorian Bushfires 2009
  • Perth Hailstorm 2010
  • Margaret River Bushfires 2011
  • Cyclone Debbie 2017
  • Adelaide Hailstorm 2021
  • East Coast Floods 2022

Office Address / Contact Information

Level 1, 1315 Hay Street
PO Box 947
West Perth, WA 6872
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Industry Certification

Tier 2, IICRC


Adjuster Experience

21 years 2003