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Senior Vice President, US Business Operations

Samantha Beery

Senior Vice President, US Business Operations


I have dedicated most of my professional career to McLarens and would not have it any other way. I began working here is 1991 and was brought in to consolidate the Accounts Payable into the Corporate office from being administered in each office. That was the start and I have done many things here including help develop our TPA program. I have worked to integrate our Client relationships and make sure we apply our contracts with many Insurers.

I became a member of our leadership team about 20 years ago and have had many different responsibilities. Currently I have responsibility for the Administrative Team for North America. I also oversee the Accounts Receivable functions in the region including Billing, Collections and Cash Applications. I also oversea the Adjuster licensing team, a very important function for our Professional Staff.

I have been part of many changes in my tenure here at McLarens including several name changes. The biggest chance has been a growing demand for information by our Clients. Our Clients are getting more sophisticated and so is their requirements for information. Data and data-driven insights that our Clients can use are critical to our mutual success.

I am originally from California and started by career with McLarens in our office in San Francisco. For family reasons I moved to Indiana in 1997. I live here on a private airport with my husband and our daughter.

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