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Stanislas Chevé

Loss Adjuster


Stanislas holds a degree in General Engineering in the fields of computer science, electronics and electricity with a specialisation in Electrical Engineering issued by ESME SUDRIA Paris.

Stanislas began his career as a Research Engineer in the Major Projects department at CEGELEC, for which he worked in particular studies and commissioning of low current installations of the terminal S3 at Roissy CDG airport.

After three years at CEGELEC, he joined VINCI, one of the world’s leading construction companies, to join the VINCI ENERGIES branch of GTIE as business manager. He has realised many projects among which: tertiary and industrial buildings, establishments in the fields of research and health, shopping centres, etc …

After 5 years at GTIE and following the merger between VINCI and CEGELEC, Stanislas took the responsibility of a CEGELEC agency for which he participated in its technical and commercial development for 3 years.

In early 2016, Stanislas joined the teams of CIBLEXPERTS as Expert mainly involved in the vast field of electricity that covers production, routing and use. Given the regular involvement of this energy in the occurrence of fires, Stanislas also specialised in the search for causes and circumstances of fire.


  • Fire: Commercial centre (5 M€)
  • Fire: pharmaceutical logistician (3,5 M€)
  • Fire: Car garage (1,5 M€)
  • Conception/design defect: Thermodynamic ventilation (3,5 M€)
  • Defective electrical equipment: Computer cables (300 K €)
  • Defective electrical equipment: Electronic cards (300 K €)
  • Underground networks: HV-DC 320 kV line (300 K €)
  • Underground networks: HV-AC 225 kV line (200 K €)
  • Energy production: solar thermal system (€ 1 million)
  • Energy production: Photovoltaic (200 k €)
  • Energy production: cogeneration (100 k €)
  • Maritime: electromechanical actuators (2.5 M €)
  • Off-Shore: Subsea Electrical Link Repair (1.5 M €)

Office Address / Contact Information

49 Rue de Paris
CS 30054
92586 Clichy Cedex
Local Time:
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Engineering degree in computer science, electronics, and electricity – ESME SUDRIA (Paris)

Additional Expertise

Fire cause research, electrical building installations, High voltage & low voltage, Low voltage, Defective electrical equipment, Underground and overhead networks, Photovoltaic and wind, Fire Safety System, Intrusion, access control, BMS, Video surveillance, Cogeneration, Electronic, data processing, Rotating machines

Adjuster Experience

8 years 2016