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Executive Adjuster / Head of Operations

Thierry Rostan

Executive Adjuster / Head of Operations


Thierry is a Welder Engineer – ESSA – following his degrees as a Chemical Engineer from the National School of Chemistry of Toulouse on the one hand and Engineer of Microelectronics from the ENSEEIH of Toulouse on the other.

Thierry began his career as a “Methods” engineer for the installation of an automated painting line for welding generators at the French Autogene Welding company, now Air Liquide Welding and since Lincoln Electric.

Within this company, Thierry held the position of Welding Product Manager in support of the sales teams and after 3 years took the responsibility of the Training Centre, a department whose purpose was to train clients in France and/or abroad in welding and cutting processes, either in the context of regulatory or normative qualification training for welders, or in the context of handling new welding or cutting techniques for industrialists.

In 1999, Thierry joined Garreau Boussu, a firm of experts, then in 2006 founded with Marc Bontemps and Hervé Huet, the firm Cible-Experts.

Thierry intervenes as expert in the fields of Industry and Construction under the Civil Liability, All Risks Construction / All Risks Assembly Trial policy.


  • Internal quality for steel plates for works of art in Hungary (€ 1.5 Million)
  • Offshore: fire on drilling platform (€ 8 Million)
  • Offshore: High Voltage submarine link (€ 2 Million)
  • Breakage of in-service lifting cable on harbour gantry (800 K €)
  • Cable fall on cable car (4 Million €)
  • Collapse of underground pipe networks
  • Major Incident in Nuclear Reactor Building (€ 100 Million)
  • Cracks on aluminium structures for motorways in Germany (€ 2 Million)
  • Major damage on diesel engine and cogeneration turbine (€ 3 Million)
  • Damage on water pumping devices in Niger (€ 800 K)
  • Fire on turning machine in the aviation industry (€ 3 Million)
  • Fire in the steam cracking refinery unit (+200 Million €)
  • Cracks on of freight wagon bogies (€ 70 Million)
  • Breakage of gas pipeline during a construction site (€ 200 K)
  • Corrosion and water infiltration on steel tank roofs (350 K €)
  • Pollution on treated parts for the advanced automotive industry (€ 150 K)
  • Recall of motor vehicles in Europe and Asia (€ 4 Million)
  • Corrosion on duplex steel exchanger in Trinidad and Tobago (450 K €)
  • Corrosion of packaged machine-tools in Vietnam (750 K €)

Office Address / Contact Information

49 Rue de Paris
CS 30054
92586 Clichy Cedex
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Industry Certification

Nuclear HN1 & RP2, Specialisation CRAC n°14 Chemistry


Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Master’s Degree in Microelectronics Engineering

Additional Expertise

Industrial Processes and Engineering, Automotive Industry & Equipment Manufacturers, Nuclear Industry, Marine and Railway Industries, Petrochemical chemistry, Industrial piping, Welding, Steel Industry Foundry, Boiler Turbine, Turbine Boiler, Surface Treatment, Rotating machinery, machining, Corrosion Metallurgy

Adjuster Experience

25 years 1999