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Senior Loss Adjuster

Tomas Gross

Senior Loss Adjuster


Tomas has been a representative of McLarens Argentina and three bordering countries since 1993. In 1998, he signed with two other local shareholders and McLarens during the inauguration of McLarens Argentina Partnership. Over time, McLarens changed from McLarens Toplis to McLarens Young and finally to McLarens.

Tomas is now the only local shareholder, together with McLarens, beside the Director and Vice-president of McLarens Argentina S.A. He has more than 35 years of experience as an Insurance Property Adjuster, as well as in Energy, Business Interruption, Liability and others related fields.

Throughout Tomas’ 35 years of experience, he has addressed claims in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay which the Insurance and Reinsurance market have assigned. He studied at Agriculture University. He speaks German and English as well as Spanish, his native Language.

Tomas completed a Diploma with the Superintendence of Insurance of Argentina, that certifies him as an active member of the A.A.P.L.S. (Argentinian Loss Adjusters Association). He has participated in different National and International conferences, courses taught by Munchener and AON between other brokers and reinsurers.

Most of the McLarens Argentina adjusters have been trained by Tomas.

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Avenida Alvarez Thomas 1131
7º Floor "A"
(C1427CCE) Buenos Aires
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Language Skills

English, Spanish