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Executive General Adjuster

Trevor Marshall

Executive General Adjuster


My name is Trevor Marshall, and my career as an insurance practitioner span over forty years. I entered the Insurance industry in 1976 as a junior underwriter, and shortly thereafter, I was promoted to being a senior underwriter. Seven years later, I was introduced into the area of handling property claims, and later on, I became involved in the handling of automobile claims.

As part of a lateral move with the local branch of an international Company, I was introduced to the area of loss control and engineering. Personnel attached to the regional offices in Puerto Rico and Miami provided both administrative and technical training during which time I spent ten years conducting risk assessment surveys of both commercial and residential properties.

During the period, I engaged in study courses where I was able to attain examination certificated from the Chartered Insurance Institute and Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters in the handling and adjusting of claims. I also obtained an examination certificate in Occupational Safety & Health Administration from a local institute, whilst I attended a Risk Assessment seminar hosted by Munich Re in Miami, Florida in 2013. Attendance at other courses include.

Later onwards, prior to joining Mc Larens, I was employed with one of the leading local insurers simultaneously being involved in risk assessment and claims investigation/adjusting of both automobile and non-automobile claims. At the time of the occurrence of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, I was also involved in the review of incoming loss adjusters’ reports to assist the agencies in the smaller islands to fast-track the settlement of their clients’ claims.

Currently, at Mc Larens, I’m involved in the handling of both commercial and residential claims.



  • Residential Dwelling Fire Claim (TTD 150 K)
  • Commercial Premises Fire Claim (TTD 225 K)
  • Residential Dwelling Earthquake Claim (TTD 75 K)
  • Residential Dwelling Housebreaking Claim – TTD 70 K)
  • Residential Dwelling Escape of Water Claim (TTD 65 K)
  • Residential Dwelling Impact Damage Claim (TTD 65 K)
  • Residential Dwelling Impact Damage Claim (TTD 57 K)

Office Address / Contact Information

Angelina Court, #7 Angelina Street St. James
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
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Industry Certification

Advance Introduction to Insurance - Examination, Underwriting Fire & Special Perils, Fire & Accident Insurance, Introduction to Loss of Profits, Property Insurance Risk Surveying, Forensic Investigations in Crime, London School of Insurance - Loss Adjusting & Surveying, Hurricane Resistant Building Technology - Metal Industries Co., Business Continuity Planning - American


Certificate of Insurance (Claims) - Chartered Insurance Institute (UK), Certificate of Institute of Loss Adjusters - CILA (UK), Associate of International Federation of Adjusting Associations, Occupational Safety & Health Administration - Cipriani College of Labour & Social Studies (Trinidad)

Additional Expertise

As a past employee of the local (Trinidad) branch of American International Group (AIG), I was trained by personnel attached to the regional offices in Puerto Rico and Miami in the field of Loss Control & Engineering as a risk surveyor. The surveys included the risk assessment of types of construction features/fire separations, occupancy, fire protection inclusive of manual and automatic fire protection systems, exposures, types of hazards such as flammable/combustible liquids, storage patterns, and electrical hazards, human element aspect such as smoking control and cutting/welding, special perils exposures, and developing loss estimates for underwriters' review. Simultaneously, I was also involved in the investigation and adjusting of both (Insured and Third-Party) automobile and non-automobile claims.

Adjuster Experience

37 years 1987

Language Skills