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Senior Loss Adjuster

Wim van der Liet

Senior Loss Adjuster



2017 – Present     Vanderwal & Joosten – A McLarens Company
                               Registered Senior Adjuster 

2012 – 2017         Cunningham Lindsey Nederland B.V.
                              Registered Senior Adjuster CAR / Liability – Industrial Engineering

2008 – 2012        GAB Robins Takkenberg B.V.
                              Senior Adjuster CAR / Liability

2006 – 2008       GAB Robins Takkenberg B.V.

2005 – 2006       GAB Robins Takkenberg B.V.
                              Junior Adjuster


  • Various automotive recalls (EUR 10 – 40.000.000)
  • Overheating of distillation column chemical plant because of installation fault (EUR 20.000.000)
  • Mining project geothermal energy (EUR 10.000.000)
  • Industrial automation PCB production (EUR 5.000.000)
  • Various incidents with inferior casting of cast iron product (EUR 5.000.000)
  • Water damage to PCB printing machine (EUR 5.000.000)
  • Damage to gas turbine during unloading with crane (EUR 4.000.000)
  • Capsize of marine vessel because of incorrect unloading (EUR 3.000.000)
  • Various claimants becuase of fire in electrical vehicle in workshop (EUR 2.500.000)
  • Gas explosion because of leaking valve utility company (EUR 1.000.000)
  • Death by inferior rope climbing gear (EUR 500.000)

Office Address / Contact Information

McLarens BV
Rotterdam Office
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 90
3062 MB Rotterdam
Local Time:
Local Date:

Industry Certification

NIVRE-re (Dutch loss adjuster association), Certified (General Motors) Car Fire & Airbag investigator, FUEDI-ELAE (European loss adjuster association), Foundation LRGD (nationwide register of judicial experts)


Judicial expert (University of Leiden), Bachelor; Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Operations Technology (AOT), Tertiary; Automotive Engineering

Additional Expertise

Automotive, Industrial Automation, High Net Worth / Private Clients

Adjuster Experience

19 years 2005